The rental price includes:

  • convenient shape of different sizes
  • best quality paintball mask
  • protective tactical gloves
  • marker of any modification
  • 200 paintball balls

Absolutely no surcharges!

  • thermal mask with double lenses = 0 UAH
  • tactical protective gloves = 0 UAH
  • sniper elongated barrel = 0 UAH
  • markers in the tactical body kit = 0 UAH
  • photo report from the battlefield = 0 UAH

Game time is unlimited!*

*subject to breaks between rounds of no more than 15 minutes.

Additionally available:

  • additional 100 balls = 100 UAH
  • box (2000 balls) = 1700 UAH
  • offensive grenade = 20 UAH
  • mine-stretching = 20 UAH
  • smoke grenade = 50 UAH

Absolutely free!

Instruction / judging / photo report / refueling / tips for the weaker team.
Every 5!!! hundred balls per fighter is also free!
АААА!!! It's a fucking freebie!!

No prepayments!

To book the game, simply select the location on the site, and call to report the number of fighters in the company, and the day and hour when the war started.

Why we have cheap and high quality?

because we respect our customers)
Our basic rental price includes high-quality masks with double thermal lenses, comfortable tactical gloves, entourage tactical and sniper markers, and much more.
Instead, other paintball clubs will ask you for an additional 20 UAH for gloves, 30 UAH for an elongated barrel and 50 UAH for ordinary thermal masks. And as a result, you will have to pay 30-50% more than the starting rental price of the basic set before you even start playing.
Therefore, the choice is obvious)

Сomplex recreation

Corporate offer
We have prepared a separate offer for corporate parties, birthday celebrations, or just a holiday with friends for the whole day. When ordering both Paintball and ATVs in one day - you get a number of significant benefits:


-20% discount on all basic kits, and free cold mineral water in the heat and hot tea in the cold to each participant.


-20% discount on all routes + increase in time and length of all routes by + 10%. Total freebies by as much as 30%.


Free benches / tables to organize a barbecue area, even during a downpour in the roof.
In this case, the company is divided into several groups, and while some cut into paintball, others chase on quadrics, and some are engaged in barbecues. And then everyone changes, so that everyone gets unforgettable emotions from each activity and a sea of memories for the future.

Gift certificates

We offer gift certificates for paintball or for a certain amount of money, or for basic kits for a certain number of participants. Like they don't pay extra for anything. You can throw a certificate for 500/1000/2000 UAH, or for example for 5-10-15 participants for basic sets. Or any certificate you just don't want.
Certificates have no expiration date limit. All our competitors will offer you a certificate, which in a month, or at best - in six months will burn. Can you imagine? In our opinion, this is unfair, and therefore we have waived the time limits of our gift certificates in general. That is, you can use our certificates the day after its purchase, and you can in 5 years. Because we really love and respect our customers, not treat them as a statistical source of cash.
And we will beautifully pack the certificate for you in a gift box. And by the way, you do not pay extra for the certificate. Like everyone else. When you buy a certificate from us, you pay purely for the services. Yes, we are the best, thank you).

Universal certificates!

Unique offer

We decided not to stop at the usual certification certificates, we also launched universal ones. This is when you do not know whether the person (whom I will welcome) will get paintball, and can be insured with a universal certificate. Which can be used on both paintball and ATVs!
You can give a certificate for example for 1300 UAH, which can be used for basic kits for 4 people on paintball, or for a green route on ATVs for two people. Either the certificate for 2000 UAH can be activated on quadrics on the red track for two, or on basic paintball sets for 6 fighters.
And by the way, these certificates also do not have a definite validity period, and buying them you also do not overpay a penny more than the cost of the ordered service!