Our markers (pistols)

We have assembled a large arsenal with the most diverse markers. Immediately before the game, you can choose either one of the brutal assault markers, or large sniper, or light base.

Our masks

Every year we completely update our masks. A few years ago, we decided not to dwell on one type of mask, but updated with different models from competing manufacturers.
And all our masks, without exception, are equipped with expensive thermal lenses, as resistant to fogging.

Our protective suits

We personally developed sketches of protective suits after many years of experiments with various models that were on the market at that time. Then we went to Khmelnytsky to a large garment factory, where our sketches were professionally adjusted, and then sewed unique protective suits. In which at the same time the player's body is ventilated as much as possible, and unpleasant sensations at hit decrease.

Our gloves

Unlike other clubs, instead of the usual construction gloves, we give all fighters professional tactical gloves. Our gloves are as comfortable as possible - do not interfere with the movement of the fingers, and at the same time completely protect the main surface of the brush from direct hits of bullets in battle.