What is this?

Bumperball or in other words football in layers is a type of football in which participants dress in special inflatable spheres (bumperballs), similar to zorbs, and in such a shell try to score a ball into the opponent's goal.
Preparation for the game takes no more than 10 minutes. To do this, unpack the bumper ball, inflate it and dress the participants. The upper part of the player's body is placed in a transparent sphere, tying his hands. Air access is provided through an opening in the top part of a sphere. The footballer has his legs free, so he can easily move around the playing field. It is difficult for a player dressed in a ball to adjust the balance, hence the funny component of football in balls. If a player is pushed by an opponent, he can immediately be in the place of a soccer ball. And to score a goal in such a situation becomes an extremely difficult task.


Price per bullet:

300 UAH / 1 hour

  • bumper ball rental
  • ball preparation
  • soccer ball
  • instructor work and refereeing
  • a sea of new emotions, laughter and adrenaline
The game can be attended by 4 to 10 people.