What is this.?

The history of this sport has its roots in post-war Japan, which, after its surrender, was banned from having armed forces (except for self-defense forces), and the government of this country found an interesting way out - created accurate pneumatic copies of combat weapons that matched the weight of real prototypes, had the same rate of fire, and even had a similar assembly scheme. Ammunition in this weapon replaced 6 mm bullets made of lightweight plastic.
Over time, this occupation has grown into a form of leisure that has gained immense popularity around the world, thanks to its special realism and proximity to real combat.


Kit price:

UAH 250 / person

500 bullets, weapons, protective clothing & mask.

  • additional 500 bullets - UAH 100
  • grenade (content of peas and corn) - 30 UAH
  • smoke grenade - 80 UAH