How did it all start?

It all started in 2006 - when there were only a few paintball clubs in Lviv and paintball was unaffordable for the general population due to very high rental prices. And we wanted to try to play paintball ourselves, and then make it available to others.
Thanks to competent marketing and flexible pricing policy, we were able to win the trust of many of our customers in a short time, and we have secured the status of a paintball club with consistently low rental prices and balls, and the best organization of paintball battles in Lviv.

Why us?

What we have without a doubt is 15 years of experience and thousands of satisfied regular customers. Prices, locations, etc. you can view in the appropriate section and make a choice. Namely, we should be chosen for one simple reason - we sincerely love paintball and put our whole soul into each game.
You can understand this when you come to another club, you will be given equipment there, minimal instruction will be given, and they will say "there is a meadow, you see? Go and run there", and after that you will be forgotten. And when you visit us - the instructor will always be in the hottest spots of the battle and quickly resolve controversial issues without interrupting the game process even for a minute, play scenarios crawling hostage or running VIP, disqualify until the end of the round of fraudulent, inadequate fighters help a deliberately weaker team with tactical advice.

Are you still hesitant?

All our equipment is always in perfect condition, because at any moment if we are asked to transform from an instructor into a fighter of one of the teams - we will take any marker from our arsenal and enter the battle. That is why all the scenarios that hang on our site are not stupidly copied from the Internet on the principle of "the more it hangs, the better", but tested in repeated battles by us personally as fighters, not as organizers.
Before each game, a thorough inspection of all ammunition and equipment, which prevents technical problems during the game, prepares the battlefield and conducts safety briefings. Game scenarios depend on the location, and are discussed immediately before each fight with all participants. That is, the next time you visit the old location - it will be possible to play other scenarios. Sad will not be unambiguous.